Congratulations to Olivia Cuff, the winner of the 2015 AWCUM Prize.

The AWCUM Prize is an annual award made to the top student in a gender issues-related second year Arts subject selected by AWCUM that aligns with our objectives. AWCUM's objectives are to promote and maintain a strong support network for all women employed by the University of Melbourne - both academic and professional staff.

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YearNameSubjectEssay Title
2015Olivia CuffAIND20008 Aboriginal Women and ColonialityAboriginal women and writing: Does the work of female Aboriginal writers reveal their lived experiences and challenges? How is their writing subverting the colonial framework.
2014Eleanor Benson

AIND20008 Aboriginal Women and Coloniality

Aboriginal Women's Agency on the Frontier: Warrior Women and the Subversion of Settler Hegemony in Australia.

Maeve Scannell

AIND20008 Aboriginal Women and Coloniality 
2012Bridget ChappellAIND20008 Aboriginal Women and Coloniality 
2011Molly LukinAIND20008 Aboriginal Women and Coloniality 
2010Not AwardedInsufficient funds 
2009Bronwen Memory121218 Genders, Bodies, Borders 
2008Jessica Megarry671316 Women in Arabic and Islamic Literature 
2007Courtney Blunsdon110231-01 Muslim Women and Islamic Feminism